Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Three Kings

three kings our ancestors gave us
three kings was our epiphany
our clan's totem
three loco kings
the mark of our identities

los pobres viejos y las viejas
worried sick
prayed their rosarios
fulfilling their vows
to gain merit for us
and they clad their three kings in their hopes
and they painted their skins in their image
one black for those who mourn
one white for those who seek clarity
one red for those who live
and crowned them with their pride
and with each divine child that was born
our holy kings had their hands full

latin kings our ancestors gave us
hardworking kings rich in gold
rich in the fruits of their labor
kings rich in incense and myrrh
spirit and devotion
kings rich in hope
who revered the child of hope

but our youth grew angry
when they were shamed
and denied their pride
when they were shamed
and denied their culture
and they became latin kings a la kkk
an urban tribe of murderers and gangbangers
seeking father figures
seeking to belong
in a culture uprooted from their culture
seeking to belong
with their laughable accents
who initiate their own by beatings
because they were powerless at home
into a tribe of stupid bastards with their cocks cut off
murdering their neighbors who talk and walk like them
instead of building kingdoms for their queens and princes

three kings my mother gave me
kingly because of their dignity
three kings my grandfather gave me
before them my ancestors prayed for us
generation after generation
and their love protects us
and they keep us through the window of our totem

three kings is the ark of our covenant
that places my tribe under the wings of God
may the mothers of my mothers
may the forefathers of my forefathers be in peace
may they live forever and ever

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