Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Earthlings, the movie

The following is a documentary which unveils the horrors of the meat and other industries which are founded on exploitation, abuse and cruelty to animals by the members of our species. It has shocking visuals, but it's only depicting the reality of the meat industry, and I believe that it's important for all the members of our species to watch this and to understand the huge amount of unnecessary suffering that they generate by choosing to consume certain products. As consumers, we have a direct impact every day on this, we either sponsor it or boicot it with every decision that we make when we purchase things.

The movie is entitled Earthlings, and it can be seen in its entirety here:

I am hoping to awaken others to the cruel realities of animal exploitation and cruelty and I invite you to take in this message of non violence and ponder it, and then make informed decisions as an ethical person and as a consumer, and hopefully stop financing this madness.

The movie is impossible to find at Blockbuster. This may be because many movies are promoted jointly with products sold by powerful corporations (McDonalds, etc.), and Blockbuster apparently does not want to risk the sponsorship of these corporations. I asked a customer service rep at Blockbuster if they would make this movie available, but was told that the movie is no longer being produced, which is doubtful. Never has this issue been more relevant and pressing as it is today.

The movie can only be found through networking with animal rights activists, as it lacks significant financial backing and many of the organizations that deal with animal rights are either non-profits or religious organizations (I heard of this movie from the Hare Krishnas here in Chicago). For this reason it was made available online for free, and I'd like to ask my readers, if you are moved to compassion after watching it, to please share this movie with as many people as you can. Little by little, the non-violence movement will gain momentum, but for the time being we who care would like to influence the media and the minds of people on the side of compassion and non-violence.

One who kills a cow is as one who kills a man. - Isaiah 66:3

Please visit for more information on animal cruelty and to learn little things that everyone can do every day to change this shameful paradigm.

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