Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Islamic Republic of Britistan?

Archbishop Rowan Williams is now denying that he called for Islamic shari'a in Britain. He was quoted earlier this week stating that the barbaric legal system of the Muslims should perhaps be introduced in order to solve minor family disputes, and that its role might be similar to the Jewish Beth Din.

I still remember it was thanks to the recent establishment of shari'a in northern states of Nigeria that Miss Universe was cancelled there several years back due to fear of violence and terrorist attacks after some contestants had stated they would boicot the country due to the (then) planned execution by stoning of Amina Nawal, a woman who was accused of adultery after her husband impregnated her and divorced her.

And it is thanks to shari'a that in Iran several gay men have been executed in public in recent years, a problem which has generated international outcry but little tangible response from the rest of the world.

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