Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eve, Mother of Life

The next time someone in the Abrahamic traditions tries to tell one of you, dear readers, that homosexuality is wrong because God created Adam and Eve, tell them: "Please, you HAVE GOT to get your mythology RIGHT!". It's high time we right the wrongs of the Abrahamic religions, the blatant appropriations of Pagan myths, the lies and the misconceptions.

Originally, Eve was not created by Jehovah. Jehovah was birthed by Hebat, the Mother of the Gods! In the Hurrian tradition, Hebat was the Mother of Life, the Creatrix and the wife of Teshub the storm God who was a kind of Baal. Her mount was a lion and She had the qualities of a warrior.

The Hurrians were a Hittite people, but were disseminated throughout the Middle East, and had been the neighbors of the Jews and their ancestors for many generations so that the Jews and their ancestors had been exposed to the tales of Hebat for centuries, and eventually re-imagined Her in Genesis and blamed Her, their Creatrix, for all the evils and sin in the world.

Evidence for Eve, the Goddess, reached its apex with the Amarna Tablets, also known as the Letters of Amarna. This archeological find, consisting of royal tablets, makes mention of a king of Salem (pre-Jewish name for Jerusalem meaning Peace) whose name was Abdi-Khebat. His name meant 'servant of Eve', which indicates that just as today we have Abdullahs or servants of Allah in the Middle East, there was once an age where kings were named after Eve and she was the official Goddess of the ruling dynasty in Jerusalem.

In addition to this, the myth of Noah was derived directly from the Sumerian account having to do with Shurupak - ancient tablets have been found with the original tale. The original, historical Noah was a merchant ... and a heathen, of course. Furthermore, in the Sumerian myths (Abraham came from Ur, which is in Sumeria), the Goddess Astarte was the Civilizer of humanity and it was She who gave humans the Code of Laws known as the Mes, the civilizing gifts ... She gave humanity its Laws in a holy mount. Sound familiar?

In addition to this, the myth of God creating the world in six days and resting on the seventh (shabat) is derived directly from the Sumerian tale of how the Gods labored for six generations and rested on the seventh generation (shapatu) by going on a strike. In Sumerian myth, the Gods had originally created humans from dust and breathed the breath of life unto them. Sound familiar?

In conclusion, it is now clear that the Bible, and in particular the tales from Genesis, is recycled mythology.

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