Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Prophilactics 5

in the days of wifi the land was plagued by talibans
and the westboro klux klan roved the plains
with signs uttering blasphemies against the Spaghetti Lord
coocoo they were, our Noddly Lord judged
coocoo fur shit's sake
blow them all away!

and a waco-like cloud of manjuice exploded
like sperm from a pornstar's ballsaque
and there was a great white flood
and the spaghetti spirit laid its meatballs on the face of the heinous, hated hate-preacher
and said "you wanted divine fury motherfucker?"
and the devil that was in the body of reverend phelps left
and the entire klan was made into goo before our eyes
yay, thusly they entered a black hole in the center of the galaxy
never again to be heard of again
but our noodly numen knew better
and revealed that they had been sent to the planet of the apes

and so the great spaghetti monster saved the day again
from the evil that had settled itself
like a tick in our asses
this is why henceforward the people called this day
"the day of our lord's cumming"

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