Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dolphins formally declared 'non human persons' by scientists

According to the article Experts ask: Should they be treated as humans?:

So dolphins are people. Well, ‘non-human persons’ to be more accurate, and as such they deserve to have the same rights and be protected as humans.

That’s the extraordinary conclusion that scientists came to this week. Their claim — made at the world’s biggest science conference, the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver — has been prompted by the latest findings about the amazing abilities of dolphins and whales.

Studies now show that these cetaceans, as they are technically known, possess the next most impressive brains after humans, even ranking above the great apes.

... Each animal has its own signature whistle which it uses to identify or introduce itself — in effect, its own name. Crucially, this indicated a sense of individuality, and of self-awareness.

...Experts believe that within a generation we will have learned to ‘talk’ to dolphins by decoding their clicks, 200 different types of which have already been identified.

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