Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Juan Crow

I am reading the article Resisting Juan Crow in Alabama in disbelief, only days after celebrating our national harvest festival, Thanksgiving Day, which conmemorates those first undocumented aliens who arrived in this country centuries ago, the Mayflower pilgrims, and their encounter with the Native Americans.

Do we not know who we are?

There are so many ironies and so much cynicism in this, it just seems like a sick joke. According to the article the new Alabama laws, portions of which were already declared unconstitutional, would "make it a crime for the undocumented to work, travel, or own or rent a home ... and make it a felony for an alien ... to apply for a license plate, driver's license or business license. The law also denies immigrants state medical aid and makes it a crime for individuals or employers to hire, harbor, rent property to, or even give a ride to an undocumented immigrant."

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