Monday, October 3, 2011

American Revolution has begun!

Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna maced women in an act of clear, unwarranted police brutality, and then there were mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge for absolutely no good reason. So, as if the NYPD didn't already look like total jerks, there's more disturbing news coming out about who's backing their movement to break up the peaceful Occupy Wall Street demonstration.

JPMorgan Chase -- one of the biggest banksters that Occupy Wall Street is standing up to -- made the largest donation in the history of the New York City Police Foundation to the NYPD's nonprofit organization ... just in the nick of time! They donated $4.6 million, supposedly to fund new laptops in patrol cars and security monitoring software.

$4.6 Million Donation to NYPD Smells Like a Payoff, news by The Stir

I encourage everyone to please find alternative news sources since conventional, Wall-Street-owned media refuses to cover the occupation of Wall Street, and stay informed. Cases of mass arrests and police brutality have been recorded by witnesses there and posted on youtube.

DemocracyNOW, RTAmerica, and a few other popularly controlled youtube channels and media outlets are doing the job that corporate media refuses to do. Please support them.

If a gathering of pro-corporatocracy Tea Partiers had manifestations this big, and most especially if 700 of them were arrested for no apparent reason or suffered police brutality, mainstream media would be on it. But this is a popular movement. These are the OTHER 99 %, and they're not puppets to the corporate powers.

The fact that the banking cartel is blatantly purchasing our military at the onset of the occupation of Wall Street, which is set to become America's Tahrir Square, shows that the banks are trembling before the mobs of people, but also that these powers are unscrupulous and dangerous and in spite of mass media's boycott of the reality there, all ears and eyes should be on Wall Street right now to ensure that violations of human rights do not continue to occur.

I am posting this in solidarity of my American revolutionary comrades who are there. I am proud of all of them. Please support alternative media outlets!

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